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We’re GreyDot Media but you can call us your digital agency.

We believe in the power of a team, that’s what we’re built on and how we approach business. We don’t want to be an ancillary service for your company but rather an extended part of your business. Contact us today to see how we can round out your team and most importantly, deliver results.

What can we do for you?


Website Design & Maintenance

Your website is like a digital handshake for your potential customers. Let GreyDot Media make sure it’s a firm handshake.


Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can get complicated, fast! Let us help you navigate through the mess and reach your customers on Google, Facebook, and other ad networks too.


Video Production

Our talented cinematographers can execute from storyboard to the final cut and highlight your brand in a compelling way.



GreyDot Media has a pool of talented photographers available to capture the right angle from events to products. 



We understand the importance of design as it reflects your brand. Whether you need a creative flyer for print or a refreshed look at your whole brand GreyDot Media can help.


Other Boutique Offerings

Do you need something a little bit more tailored? Don’t hesitate to ask, because we love looking for ways to help you grow.

but enough about us,

let’s talk about you

Are you ridiculously passionate about what you do? Do you obsess over your business and talk about it all the time? Is it your pride and joy and do you think about it so much it sometimes concerns your friends and family? You’re not alone! You’re our kind of person, if you feel like you have room for growth and need to add to your team we’d love to talk!

“GreyDot Media is a team of passionate, creative-minded entrepreneurs who care about you and your business. The GDM team stepped in to help me grow my small business; taking on much of videography, website maintenance, digital advertising and more! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with this group of committed, empathetic humans who I can count on to get shit done. Looking forward to a long, rewarding journey together.”

– Lisa He, Owner of Borderlands Bakery

“I highly recommend Todd Bailey for all your website creation, social media, and marketing needs.  I have worked with Todd for the last decade and he has proven time and again how valuable he is to my businesses.  Todd is always quick to respond and brings a calm presence to a fast-paced ever-changing business environment. He will take it upon himself to understand the client’s individual business needs and also the industry segment itself. Todd has brought numerous third-party collaborations thru his network that is an added value that can’t be overlooked.  Any business would benefit from having Todd on their team.”  

– Bob Simpson, CEO Nightclub Industries Inc.

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